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Buy Software for Embroidery

Software pirates have invaded the world of software for embroidery. Some people "crack" the embroidery software and sell it on Internet. When you compare embroidery digitizing software, price is one feature to consider. Use the Internet to learn more about specific embroidery  software on the market. If the dealers are selling software for hundreds or thousands of dollars and someone is selling it "new"  for pennies on the dollar, chances are, it's illegal embroidery digitizing software.

Many software for embroidery e.g PE design, Wilcom's DecoStudio and EmbroideryStudio, Origins, and others need "dongles" or other hardware "security keys" like a reader/writer box to function. Some pirates "crack" the software and sell it claiming no dongle or box or security key is needed. 
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Buying illegal or cracked embroidery software is supporting the pirates. I heard from newbies who have been ripped off by these people and can't use the cracked embroidery software. Otherwise, you stand a good chance of getting a virus infect your computer and steal information from it, or having a computer crash by installing "cracked" software. You can also be sued by software companies for purchasing illegal software for embroidery.

Guide to buy Software for Embroidery.
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  • Ask around at reputable embroidery sites and email lists for information. Visit the manufacturer's website and see if they list an MSRP  (manufacturer's suggested retail price) for their embroidery digitizing software.  If you visit a local dealer and they tell you that a security key is needed, then you will need to make sure you buy only a legal software package. List price or recommended retail price (RRP) of a product is the price which the manufacturer recommends that the retailer sell the product. They may have a map pricing requirement for their legitimate dealers, which is why you frequently see so many people selling software for the same price. This is a good indicator that it's legal software. 
  • Compare only embroidery software that can be installed on your computer's operating system. While many embroidery digitizing software programs work on both Windows and Mac, some are designed specifically for one operating system. Digital embroidery software has several components that need to be compatible to the program such as the personal computer and the embroidery machine. And some embroidery machine only works with specific design file format. Save time by comparing only those software compatible with your current embroidery machine and computer system specs. 
  • Software for embroidery offer significantly different features, referred to as applications. Determine your needs and compare licensed embroidery digitizing software only. You can find that some embroidery digitizing software will help to create simple, clean designs as well as more sophisticated programs for creating detailed images. Also read customer reviews and purchase software that includes the design options and functions you need to create your embroidery. The advanced software allows you to create intricate designs, select thread density, stitch types and directions, and offers a wide variety of font options. Licensing information should appear in the product listing information on the product's website.  With limited funcion some embroidery software available on free download.  Unlicensed or cracked software comes with some features not available and often non refundable and may not offer advanced digitizing options. 
  • Some embroidery digitizing software is sold as "used" Software for Embroidery, but does include any hardware security devices. While this is legal, it might mean that you cannot obtain support or upgrades from the manufacturer. Because some software for embroidery only licenses the software to the original purchaser. You can save money this way, but may have to spend a lot more money later getting updates and support. If an auction is offering a "software patch" to install the program, chances are it's illegal. It is good for you to ask people with more knowledge and experience than you to take a look at an auction/seller and check them out.
  • When you buy your digitizing software from Internet, don't purchase software with a check, money order, money transfer, or other non-refundable method of payment. Use a credit card you can issue a chargeback on and get your money back if you find it's illegal. Make sure to keep all receipts.
  • Cracked embroidery software is often nonrefundable and may not offer advanced digitizing options. If you aren't sure whether or not something is legal, don't buy it. No matter how good the deal is. Compare any embroidery software warranty  to determine if it offers enough coverage over a reasonable amount of time.
embroidery digitizing software

The bottom line is if you are new on this field, before you start buying software for embroidery from internet, do your research. Ask around and talk to people before wasting your money on illegal/cracked embroidery software that may cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in legal fees in the future. Read user reviews from other embroidery users or professionals on embroidery forum to learn more about the embroidery digitizing software will benefit you. 

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  2. Amazing! Thank you for the step by step guide.

  3. Does the embird program allow you to transfer the appliques to the program so that you can manuever the names? I am new to this and the only program I have to the monogram wizard plus.

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  5. It is too much informative and i did not know about it before reading it. I liked it very much.

  6. It is too much informative and i did not know about it before reading it. I liked it very much.