Saturday, September 15, 2012

Install Embroidery Program on win 7

Many earlier Wilcom ES programs such as wilcom version 9 and wilcom 10 are still able to create great embroidered designs. You still get many advantages by install wilcom ES 2006 on Windows 7. Wilcom ES 2006 was the revolutionary software application for digitizing and working with designs expressly for the embroidery industry.  

Using Wilcom ES 2006 on Windows 7, you can create new embroidery designs in a variety of ways. If you want the most accurate result,  the easiest way to create a design is to use an enlargement drawing on a digitizer tablet. You describe the drawing to the computer by marking reference points with the digitizer puck. You have the alternative of working directly on the computer screen using a bitmapped or vector image as a backdrop, and using the mouse to mark reference points and communicate with the computer. 

Even without a scanned image to use as a template, you still able to create simple shapes directly on the screen by using the integrated drawing tools. These can be used to modify existing embroidery machine designs even if you do not have a scanner or a digitizer tablet. You can also copy a vector drawing into Wilcom ES from a drawing package, such as Corel Draw, via the Windows 7 Clipboard. 

You can convert the graphic objects into embroidery objects by applying embroidery properties to them. Once you have decided what method you will use, the process of digitizing the embroidery design is basically the same. You digitize the design as a series of lines and closed shapes, called embroidery objects. For each line and shape you select a stitch type and input method which determine how they will be stitched. You can change the properties of the embroidery objects and specify automatic machine functions where needed. 

With basic digitizing techniques you can create great embroidery machine design with the input methods provided in Wilcom ES 2006. We feel that the best way to learn how Wilcom ES works is to use and use it with an enjoyable way to produce a design while you become familiar with this multi-featured product.

Recently I've received an update and find some improvement or new feature that was worth every cent. We did some work with applique conversions between EmbroideryStudio and corel. We can do layered appliques, correctly, using this method. And I played a litte with the auto digitizing feature. 

Since partnering with Corel, EmbroideryStudio and DecoStudio have been able to automatically convert vectors to embroidery with built in intelligence that determines the best pull compensation, underlay, stitch types and density based on the fabric you select. These embroidery pargram also maintain the colours and layers of the vector file. 

EmbroideryStudio and DecoStudio is a greatly enhanced embroidery program version of earlier Wilcom embroidery software. It has many new and expanded features which make digitizing even easier and more efficient. The move from Wilcom 2006 ES to Embroidery Studio on windows 7 gave us the integrated Corel features that are invaluable.

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