Friday, October 26, 2012

Download Free Wilcom TrueSizer e2 Software

You can download embroidery designs, by finding a site or source that provides these designs, the Internet provides access to millions of embroidery designs, some designs are free and others are available for purchase. Before downloading designs for your embroidery machine is make sure that the websites you are using offer designs in a format that works for your machine and available in a size that your embroidery machine. The file extension for your specific machine can be helpful if you choose not to convert formats. Although your format is not shown, just choose another main format like EMB or PES and use a free conversion software to convert to the format you need. 

There are different conversion programs available like BuzzTools (Download free 21 days trial version), Embird (Use of demo version is limited to 30 days or 100 runs) and Wilcom Truesizer e2 (Download Free Software) which can convert to and from many different embroidery formats and it is possible to re-size designs with certain software. Wilcom TrueSizer e2 is a universal file conversion tool, get free and without any regulations and limitations embroidery converter for windows. Wilcom TrueSizer e2 compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7and Windows 8. 

How to Convert Embroidery Designs
  • To convert files to another format in Wilcom TrueSizer do the following steps:
  • Run Wilcom Truesizer e2, when the pop-up window appears, just give it about a few seconds to load, you don't need to click anything, it's just an ad, then press ESC. The pop-up window will go away, and TrueSizer will appear. 
  • Select File > Open. The Open dialog box will appear.
free embroidery design

click to enlarge image tutorial
  • From the "Files of Type" dropdown list at the bottom select the format of the original file. Otherwise use that pull down menu to pick "All Files". If you don't pick all files then only the type that you picked will show up. 
  • Browse to the location of the file and select the design to be converted by clicking on it . 
  • Click Open to open the embroidery file.
  • Go to "Save as". The box will open in the middle of the screen again and you go to the bottom pull down menu that says "Save as type". 
free convert embroidery design software

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  • From the "Save as type" dropdown list at the bottom select the format that you want to convert. Pick and click on your desired format such as Brother .PES. You may change the file's name in the box provided.
download free embroidery design software

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  • Then click "Save". You can save to a different destination by changing the location at the top of the box before you click save. 
  • In the "Object Properties" window, you can enter the size change you wish in the "Dimensions" area. Enter either a percentage on the right, or a size measurement on the left. 
embroidery design to emb file

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  • Click Save. You may change the embroidery file's name in the box provided.
  • Your file will now be saved in the required format. Once the designs have converted, load onto your machine and start embroidering.
To download your free Wilcom TrueSizer, log into the website, and click the menu item Free Stuff > TrueSizer. You might need to register first if you haven't already. Download and install the Wilcom Truesizer e2 software on your computer.

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