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wilcom 2006 on windows 7 use Free Multikey

I will show you how to clean install  Wilcom  Embroidery Software 2006  on Windows  7  using Free Multikey. If you need to install wilcom for windows xp 32bit you can easily find it's manual on the internet. Just type 'install wilcom sp2' on your search engine. If you need it for Vista or 7 32bit  you can also find it, look for wilcom sp4. And if you need it for 64bit, I'll show it.  

Embroidery Software Wilcom ES Version 9 and below have not been officially tested under 64-bit operating systems. Wilcom ES 2006 (with Service Pack 4 Revision 2) and above will run on 64-bit operating systems such as Windows XP x64 and Windows Vista 64-bit as these operating systems can still run 32-bit applications natively. 

I tried a lot of different things. I'm not an expert computer, that is why sometimes i didn't know what exactly I did. First, that you must understand is Wilcom does not say their product work on Win 7 x64, just x86 only! They said:  "Users of 64-bit Operating Systems please note: ES Version 9 and below have not been officially tested under 64-bit operating systems. ES 2006 (with Service Pack 4 Revision 2) and above will run on 64-bit operating systems such as Windows XP x64 and Windows Vista 64-bit as these operating systems can still run 32-bit applications natively. Note that some Windows Server x64 operating systems running on 64-bit CPUs are not able to run 32-bit applications like Wilcom ES 2006 without hardware emulation. Microsoft Vista For full compatibility with Vista, ES Designer 2006 with Vista Update or Service Pack 4 or higher is needed. "

If you try to  install  Wilcom  Embroidery Software 2006  on Windows  7  using Free Multikey on a PC already installed another version of Wilcom, from the few times I have  done experiments always fail when the application is run. I will not discuss it. It is clean Install, please use fresh PC.

To Instal Wilcom  Embroidery Software 2006 on Windows 7 use Free Multikey please follow these steps bellow for  :
  • Install the HASP driver v5.22 in HASP4_driver directory due to instructions from the downloaded package. 
  • Install Wilcom ES-2006. After the installation is complete, the setup window will display the message "PC must reboot", after you click "Finish" button the computer will reboot automatically.
  • Run Wilcom ES Service Pack4 Revision 2 file until finish installation then the computer will reboot automatically or you do reboot manually 
  • Then merge 57FD245C.reg with the registry, by double click on the file and it will ask if you want to add, click yes. (due to instructions from the downloaded package)
  • Download Multikeyemu-V0.18.0.3. Use folder MultiKey64 from the package. Don`t install it now.
  • Download Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider 1.3b which allows you to install and load unsigned drivers dynamically on your Windows 7. You should start it, Enable 'Test Mode', then Sign a system file and insert the name and full path to your MultiKey.sys from the folder MultiKey64 (please see step 5). 
  • To check if the file signed now, right click on MultiKey.sys, Properties and the second tab  (there should be Digital signatures). 
  • In Multikey folder execute "install.cmd". You should get a message in dos window: " Driver Installed Sucessfully", then check it by go to Device manager -> If System Devices there was yellow exclamation mark -- Windows cannot verify the digital signature (Code 52). Disable driver signature enforcement by press F8 and choose "disable driver signature enforcement". After that yellow exclamation mark disappeared. Restart you PC. DON'T updated automatically from the Internet, turn off Internet and make sure you don`t update drivers, (just skip it)
  • Finished
embroidery software wilcom windows 7

You don't need to use the included EMU. Its only the V1.8.0.2 Version. You can use the widely available V1.8.0.3 Version, because there is a 64Bit Version available for that Version. It works pretty well. You could use then Wilcom on a 64 Bit OS. But you should read the guides to make the Multikey EMU work on 64 Bit. You have to pay if you're using the newest Multikey, use Multikey Version1.8.0.3 x64, it's free of charge, e.g multikey, alladin etc. Use this Tool to sign the multikey.sys driver file after installing Free MultiKey x64, the file is located in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\multikey.sys
If you don't sign the file, windows won't let you install the driver unsigned. You need to be in test mode if you want using signed this way driver. 

It has many advantages and improvements that do not bring previous versions, starting as for example in the Embroidery Software Wilcom 9, the properties of an object were converted into a floating menu where if you closed that window, and did not see the properties, with the Wilcom 2006, these properties are fixed and integrated in the right side of the screen and it has is that when you leave the design drawing lines, you appeared all in black, with this package that went up, drawing lines are the color of the object according to your design, so it is easier to identify which is the object that you modify the other hand both crack as a program I've felt more stable, not so easy to damage the crack to make a mistake causes you Wilcom, these are some of the differences you'll find with Embroidery Software Wilcom 2006

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