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What is USB Dongel

Some companies or person specialized in usb emulators attempt to convince the computer that the dongle is present. What is USB Dongel? An usb dongle is the security device that allows you to use embroidery software and without the dongle, the embroidery software may run only in a restricted mode, or not at all. The USB dongel device used as a very complicated anti-piracy measure for expensive software. Because software that makes use of dongles is typically for a small market, the price of a replacement dongle can be hundreds of US Dollars. Programs that use dongles include computer-aided design (CAD), audio-video software and  image rendering e.g Wilcom embroidery software. Many embroidery software companies ask that the user buy an entirely new software package if their usb dongle is lost, broken or stolen, further inflating the price. Is possible to emulate dongle usb key and use it?

what is dongle

The defenders of dongle emulators claim that such restrictions on software use are unfair and incompatible with real-world conditions of computer and software use. With tiny of size, the dongles are easily lost or damaged. Specialists such as video editors or embroidery engineers may be willing to put up with the inconvenience, but the average computer user is usually not. A few software companies have attempted to introduce dongle security with their consumer-oriented software without success, even though consumers are often familiar with usb technology. 

Most usb dongles take up a port, and do not allow other devices to be plugged into them. As technology changes and new operating systems and hardware become more commonplace, older software that requires the device may no longer be usable. In other case, many people may need to use more than one type of locked software at a time and the computer may not be able to accommodate all the different devices at once. A personal computer that only has two or three USB ports, for example, may already have a mouse, printer, or other device attached, leaving no room for anything else.

Most in common problems, the dongle can be stolen ( we have heard of many dongle thefts ), dongle requires special threatment in moving from home to office and so on,  and usb dongle can die/break very often.

The bad news for you, at least in my case, if your dongle is stolen you are left up the creek basically, pay for a new one or else. As you already know the dongle's size is very tiny like maybe about 2 inches long, when our office moved I misplaced my dongle and couldn't find it. When i purchased the dongle, the dealer said to replace it I would have to buy the complete program again. They gave a discount, but it still cost a lot. Embroidery software distributors don't usually respond to a dongle problem quickly unless you decide to place an order for additional software license. You could try to have legal proceedings with software vendor, but I can't imagine how long that would take.

Dongle problems such as those mentioned above can lead to significant interruptions in your use of protected software. A usb dongle security device is a piece of hardware that must be plugged into a computer's USB port before some kinds of software programs will run. This is to ensure that the software isn't copied or otherwise shared. A dongle emulator is a fake dongle created to bypassing this limitation. To cope with these problems, some companies specialize in emulators that attempt to convince the computer that the dongle is present. Dongles are often encrypted to avoid this kind of hack, in this scenario, even if a hacker were to fool the software into thinking the device was present, the embroidery software would be unable to run because it would be missing key parts of its code. As hackers find ways to bypass these new innovations, new forms of dongle encryption may need to be found. So a dongle emulator is also known as a "dongle crack". Dongle crack requires updating with every new version of software.

Regardless of what the purpose, the term of dongle has expanded beyond software protection to include any small device that plugs into the USB or other computer port. These devices are usually used to provide some function that is not built in to the computer itself. Dongle security devices typically use a computer's USB port. Rather than simply checking for the presence of the piece of hardware, the software sends an encrypted request to the device for a validation key, which is also encrypted. This means that in order to crack the dongle, a hacker must first crack the encryption.

Currently, there are few ways one can get a dongle emulator. If a person has skills in bypassing network security, they can make one themselves. Many information on how to create a dongle emulator is typically passed from hacker to hacker and traded on Internet forums. This usb emulator could alter the software to not look for the dongle or to think it was present when it wasn't. Someone without knowledge of coding can also purchase dongle emulators from websites. 

We do not recommend you to get dongle crack for your embroidery software by download it from unworthy sites, since it is easily detected, lot of dongle cracks contain badware programs, torjans and viruses so it is highly recommended to use trustworthy dongle emulator obtained from relaible provider instead of using dongle crack.
Buy Dongle Emulator

If you're the owner of software protected by a dongle, eg. embroidery software, you may face significant problems and expense by relying solely on a hardware key. Dongle emulator is sounds like the ideal insurance against various dongle problems. You can store your original key in a safe location and use your software without the worry of having your dongle being damaged or stolen. The reasonable price of a dongle emulator makes it an ideal solution for software owners who want to protect themselves against dongle problems. According to the law, you have a right to make a backup of dongle's copy in case it's of order.  If the dongel is no longer working and replacement is not possible/available, it is legal to use dongel emulator.

The benefits that come with using the embroidery software emulator instead of hardware key is that usb dongle emulator doesn't change your software unlike the dongle crack and there's no need to update solution when new version is out. Emulators do not alter your software as they are an additional, stand alone programs that you install, on your workstation, that having no effect on your existing data. You may find some conflicts between the emulators. But this problem is easily solved. Such kind of problems can be easily worked out when you order an emulator. 

When a person buy a piece of embroidery digitizing software, what he is really buying is a license to use the embroidery software. With that license, the user typically agrees to certain conditions, and using an emulator may break those rules. If the person who purchased the software did so legally and does have the dongle, and that piece of hardware no longer works correctly, it may be legal to use an emulator instead in some circumstances. 

All legal emulator services that I am aware of required proof of software purchase. The app would only work on one computer. Because an embroidery programs and others design software are typically expensive, it is possible that someone would try to download unauthorized copies or to sell them to other users. Because the creation of a dongle emulator frees up the software to be used by those who didn't pay for it, it is considered illegal. Many software licenses have clauses stating that creating such a device violates the user agreement. Because of their illegality, many websites claiming to provide working dongle emulators do not look legitimate. I should point out that removing dongles from software is legally a slightly different area to debugging standalone applications even if you have purchased a legitimate dongle. What do you think?

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