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Brother Embroidery Machine

Looking fo home embroidery machine? If you want to try at a little bit of embroidery machine  without investing tons of money in a machine and you're in the market for an Embroidery field, the Brother embroidery machine PE500 is perfect entry level Embroidery only machine. The machine is very nice for a beginner, a youngster just starting out. 

The Brother PE500 is a good computerized embroidery machine for learning the basics of embroidery machine. It is best choice of Brother embroidery machines under a $300 that comes with: 
machine embroidery design
  • 70 designs, 5 font styles for lettering and monogramming, and 120 frame pattern combinations.
  • A medium-sized embroidery hoop, 2 pre-wound bobbins, 3 spools of embroidery thread, 3 stabilizer sheets, scissors, USB cable, power cord,  plus the usual Brothers grab bag of essential sewing machine tools and English/Spanish Operation Manual. 
  • Compatible with Brother Embroidery Software such as:BES® Embroidery Lettering Software,PE-DESIGN® NEXT, PE-DESIGN® Plus and more.
  • Free 4 Design Software Downloads: Designs, Drawings My Editor & Sizer, Wilcom Truesizer Format Conversion Industrial & Home Formats to .pes, Floriani Color Conversion. TrueSizer e1.5 is compatible on Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7, to download TrueSizer Wilcom software you must be a registered member of the site. 
Machine Review

The Brother PE500 Problems: Needles and included thread did not work well.
While trying to use the included Brother thread, at the first I think that  i couldn't get the tension right. If you have any troubles with this machine, below will fix any issues that you think might be tension. 
  • Also if having trouble, by push of a button, help screens are easily accessible, right on the machine itself
  • Before adjusting the tension, make sure that your bobbin is in correctly and that you are using the correct stabilizer for the job. 
  • Make sure you have a sharp needle or if using stretchy material a ball point needle. 
  • Make sure your bobbin area is clean of lint and that there are no little pieces of thread caught in the tension discs. 
The Machine Refuses to sew? 
Sometimes The PE500 gets confused if there are too many tails under the material; it thinks that it's done sewing. By gently reattach the hoop from the embroidery unit check the bobbin at the same time that you cut all the trailing threads underneath and use the Adjust feature to pick stitching exactly where you left off.  

It's possible to invest another boat load of funds into embroidery machine thread. The budget PE500 embroidery machine comes with 3 spools of thread and a spool of bobbin thread. You can substitute a 'close' color if an exact match was not in the set. Polystar compatible thread works better also, as it doesn't make as much lint. 
free design brother embroidery

Brother Machine Designs

The Brother PE500 machine has 70 designs, 5 font styles for lettering and monogramming, and 120 frame pattern combinations. You can do monogramming in your choice of different alphabet styles and acquire more designs via embroidery cards or transfer them from your pc via the cable that is included in this package. You have to hook it to a computer to download designs. The USB cable can be plugged into the USB port connectors on the computer and machine whether or not they are turned on. You can not use a USB stick to load embroidery designs on this machine. The "Removable Disk" icon appears in "My Computer" on the computer.

The PE500 has a limit of 12 designs that you can load on it, after done with included designs, you need to deleting some or you will get an error message.: "Reduce the number of patterns. Only up to 12 patterns can be handled.", delete patterns from "Removable Disk" so that it contains no more than 12 patterns. Then, close the error message and then press Computer (USB) key to retrieve the pattern. 

In order to retrieving patterns directly from the machine the next time that they are needed, save the data in the machine's memory before turning off the machine. If patterns copied to "Removable Disk" are not saved in the machine's memory, their data is lost when the machine is turned off.

All the Brother computerized machines use the .PES formats, and once you get this machine, you will go crazy searching for designs...:). Many more designs can be obtained from internet. But you have to remember that this machine only embroiders a limited to 4x4 inch designs (quite small compared to professional embroidery machines). There are so many pretty embroidery designs, unfortunately you can not use any of them that are larger than 4 x 4 inches. You will need some way to ensure the downloaded file is the right format, only .PES and .DST (Tajima) embroidery data files can be used with this machine.

I hope this review helps you get an idea of the Brother embroidery machine PE500 and how it works. We can enhance our embroidery skills with this machine. Others may have a different opnion about that. It is a valuable machine for starts your embroidery projects.

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