Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Used Embroidery Machines

Many embroiderers go for secondhand or embroidery used machine than buying a new one. There are a lot of used embroidery computerized machines that are for sale, because many embroiderers and home sewing machine owners struggle with the decision to move into more industrial embroidery machines. You only need is to know where to find them. Sometimes looking for an embroidery business for sale in the paper is a good way to start or going with pre-owned embroidery machine.

More used computerized embroidery machines options are available today than ever before and it's important to know these options before you start your embroidery business. There are many factors to consider when buying used embroidery machine, let’s take a look at just a few.

First, ask to yourself these questions before buying an Used Embroider Machine:
  1. How old is the used embroidery machine your looking to buy?
  2. Are there new or used parts available in the market?
  3. Do you currently own and operate an embroidery machine, same brand or maybe this is your first machine?
  4. Is the machine still under factory warranty and if not is it being sold through an authorized agent of the brand?
  5. Are you more or less mechanically inclined, will the machine be installed by a factory technician? Do not buy used embroidery machine from sellers that do not offer any warranty or guarantee except you are confident in your technical skills.
Many sewing machine dealers get used machines in, have their service department refurbish them and then re-sell them for a much lower price than new. Quite often used embroidery machines comes with a 1,6 and12 month guarantee, in case anything goes wrong.

There are also available used embroidery machines can be purchased through internet with additional and optional warranties, embroidery software, embroidery designs and training as if purchased with a new machine. You really shouldn't consider buying online, even if it will save you a few bucks. Checking out a machine in person is more important with embroidery machines than others. it's important to test-drive these embroidery machines and sit with a dealer who can show you all they can do. Unless you know exactly what you are doing, and aren't going to need help figuring out your machine.

It's a good idea to see an in-store demonstration of each model you're considering. With a local shop, you can always get help, a local sewing machine dealer will also allow you to try out several machines and really see the differences between them and  also offers private training with your machine for as long as you own it. These embroidery machines entail a learning curve, and it's important to see the embroidery process in action. If you get a model that can take advantage of downloaded designs, you'll need a computer, software and perhaps a scanner.

If you are realy new to the embroidery business or adding this to another business but have no prior embroidery experience, make sure the used machine you purchase can be sold with a "new" machine start-up package and support.

Different types of computerized machines use different types of embroidery file formats so it is necessary to know the file format of the machine to download desired patterns from websites. Some of the embroidery file formats used by most of the machines include ART, EMB, PES and SEW. The embroidery designs can be digitized through the computerized machines as there are a number of companies that offer design digitizing services. Designs can be downloaded from the websites too. You can download a lot of free embroidery designs on the net and ones on Ebay for a reasonable price. The machine embroidery designs can also be edited with the help of digitizing software. The embroidery digitizing software helps to edit, crop, copy, sketch, and move the designs accordingly.

Consider the long term costs associated with a used embroidery machine that has either a limited or non-existent warranty as it may very well cost you much more than a new machine in the long-run. You can reduce your risks by buying from a company that sells the same brand new or has a good reputation for supporting what it sells, offers set-up as an option and can give you a meaningful warranty. Some of top-end embroidery machines are the Husqvarna Viking, Brother, Baby Lock and Janome. Most embroiderers are satisfied with the top-of-the-line combination embroidery and sewing machines. In addition, you can reduce your risk further by buying an embroidery used machine that has been gone through and warranted by an authorized agent.

Lastly, if you are new to embroidery, the most important thing is to be certain that the company will continue supporting your embroidery machine and its software.

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