Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Replace Floppy to USB Emulator for Embroidery Machine : The Advantages

There are many advantages replace Floopy to USB Emulator for your Embroidery Machine. It is definite that traditional floppy drives will soon not be available in the markets for sale and for use because of its small storing capacity, and its short life-time. The USB Floppy Emulator replaces the old diskette entirely. The old floppy disk drive is replaced 1:1. USB stick components have long life spans and high capacities. The new USB floppy Emulator and USB stick components are practically immune to impacts from magnetic fields, dust or shock, use of them avoids loss of data due to old floppy disks. The contents on 100 floppies can easily be placed on one single USB Stick. Most USB floppy for embroidery machine supports up to 100 disks per USB stick drive. The virtual floppy disks can be easily selected via the up-/down-buttons of the usb emulator, and the LED display shows which disc is currently loaded. That all saves a lot of time and costs.

When you plan to purchase a USB Emulator drive for your Embroidery machines, please answer the following questions before you order :
  1. Can you take a floppy disk formatted in your machine, and put it in your home or office Windows computer and read the contents with Windows Explorer?
  2. Do you know if your machine uses DOS-compatible files?
  3. If we doesn't know which USB Floppy drive you need: what is the make and model of your machine? also, what is the model of your floppy disk drive? 
  4. How many pins are on the back of your original floppy drive? Is it a typical grey cable with 34 pins or 26 pins? Is it a flat white cable that is miniature and hard to see? Does it have a separate 4-pin power connector? Please also note where PIN #1 is on the floppy drive; a red stripe on the ribbon may be a hint.

Because compatibility is not 100%. Make sure you have at least two different USB sticks,  It is helpful if the USB sticks are 2GB or less and choose FAT or USB FAT16 format. Do not choose FAT32. It's not a requirement if you have Windows 7 or special usb  stick format program.

Now you can start to order from USB Emulator web shopping cart.  Few USB  Emulator suppliers from China, India, Germany and USA have introduced a conversion kit which will solve the purpose to the Embroidery companies who need to upgrade their old machines to support usb using floppy to usb upgrade kits. 

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