Sunday, June 3, 2012

Replaces Embroidery Machine's Floppy Drive to USB Emulator

The floppy drive on your computer stopped working? Cannot write embroidery design files to floppy drive on your embroidery machines? Most of the floppy drive is no longer manufactured. The solution is replace the old floppy drive from your embroidery machine with the new USB emulator drive in its place. It is easy for changing floppy to USB and use your existing usb flash drive to transfer your designs to machine. There is no need for additional changes to your system or embroidery machine, besides removing the existing floppy drive and replacing it with this USB Emulator.

usb flopppy drives

How to replace your floppy drive from your embroidery machine to USB? 

Step by step replace Floppy to USB Emulator:

  • Unplug the machine from any power.
  • Disconnect all cables from the control head.
  • Remove the plastic covers (4 screws on the back)
  • Remove 2 screws from the bracket that holds the floppy drive. 
  • Disconnect cables from Floppy drive.
  • Remove floppy drive from holding bracket
  • Install USB drive in holding bracket and plug cables into USB Drive. 

usb as floopy on design machine

When installing the USB Floppy into the host machine, please ensure that PIN1 of the 34‐pin data cable. If the USB Floppy data cable is plugged backwards, there is a chance to damage the unit.

embroidery machine fdd error

  • Some host embroidery machine manufacturers may did not use the RED stripe correctly, and so it may be on either side at random.  In this case, please follow the ribbon cable to the motherboard socket, and there will be writing, silkscreen, on the circuit board that says 1 or 34 or both.  Follow pin 1 from there. 
  • Reinstall Holding bracket with USB
  • Put the plastic covers back on.
  • everything back in.
  • Turn machine
From now you can load embroidery design files from USB flash drive and transfer it to your design machine. No more waste of time and precious resources as you will ever require floppies ever again. By replace floppy to USBr you will have a secure and guaranteed long term reliable solution to your problem of transferring data to your industrial machines.

The embrodiery machine brands have their own peculiarities so it is necessary to make sure the correct USB Emulator unit is supplied. In most cases it is as simple as removing the floppy drive to usb emulator works at most design machines e.g : Barudan, Tajima, SWF, ZSK, Toyota ect. You will see the plugs on the back of the floppy drive and the USB Emulator are exactly the same.

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  1. Adding to it out of usage with the flying inaccessibility and popularization of floppy to usb. most of the industrial machine controlled equipment square measure on the opposite hand running on terribly previous floppy disks. The floppy drive makes up the sole means that of providing directions & info to the machines operating with ancient disk system.

  2. will you help me, show me or otherwise teach me how to make a usb boot stick for melco emc 10/4t?

  3. What about home embroidery machines like the Babylock Ellageo that use a floppy disk drive compatible with EMBIRD and windows XP, 7 and 8 os for the transfer of design files. I need to replace my floppy drive in the machine to a usb port. Is that possible with your product to fix a home embroidery machine?

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  5. Can you tell me where can I buy one of these emulators for a brother BAS 416, please?

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